New 2013 Range Rover

New Range Rover 2013 and is the fourth generation of the type of car that is already known gracious in offroad terrain or on the streets.

Specifications of New 2013 Range Rover is:

- From the Side Interior
    When viewed from the interior look of this car looks quite interesting is to maintain the standard of comfort range rover with a combination of modern and contemporary style of the best in its class and with a center console that has the most important part of the control that is easy to reach with a surface veneer of leather are quite quality. And this car also has a panoramic glass tintet with large size can make the air and sunlight can get into the cabin. Range Rover is also equipped with eletric sunblind for your comfort and privacy.
- From the Side of the Structure of Matter
    The Range Rover uses advanced features, by using an aluminum structure that can make it look 420 pounds lighter and very strong and efficient and better able to withstand use in offroad conditions or on the highway. This car also uses a monocoque system which can be optimized in order to ensure the robustness of one's car.
- From the Sound System
    And cars use the audio system with the power of 1700 W meridian, including 29 speakers and 12 channels including the subwoofer doubles.
- Features Car Range Rover
    This Range Rover car using the car parking system using sensor ultrasionik the system where it will automatically be directed to the place of existing parking lots, while the driver simply operate the accelerator and brake. This car is also using informative graphics and messages that can be displayed on the touch screen for the driver to be able to guide the driver in maneuvering.
- In terms of engine and engine performance
    The Range Rover cars using diesel engines 4.4 liter LR-SDV8, with a mix of automatic transmission systems that exist in this car to be able to produce a balance between performance and fuel consumption are more jealous. This car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and can generate power 339 PS with exhaust emissions that are more environmentally friendly.
    This car also uses a 510 PS 5.0 supercharged engine LRV8 SC are more fuel efficient and can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds.
-Other Features
    The Range Rover uses defying terrain system and adaptive dynamics for steady handling and performance in any condition, this car is a luxury car with the quality of the hand made leather interior looks together with veeners wood and chrome.

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