Egoista Car Seat One of Lamborghini

The Italian luxury car manufacturer, Lamborghini makes the concept of a super-car seat, namely: Lamborghini Egoista. Made to mark the plant has reached the age of 50 years.
This car is inspired from jet aircraft that there's only one seat behind the wheel.
Egoista Lamborghini V10 engine equipped with 5.2-liter capacity. As a result, this car has 600 horsepower.
According to the VW Group's Head of Design, Walter de Silva, Egoista allows consumers to have fun and express his personality to the fullest. Egoista designed for those who want to hyper-sophisticated and want only the most extreme.
Egoista Lamborghini car body is made of special material antiradar which is also equipped with a carbon fiber plate to improve aerodynamics. Among the distinctive features of the car are two rear fins are activated automatically at high speeds to improve stability.
Another distinctive feature is the interior of the car is made of carbon fiber and designed Before your personal message to the seamstress. According to Lamborghini, the supercar seats in use and security features multi-color wheel that can be removed for easy entry enables users out.

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